ClimbTech Product notice BWA012N & BWA030N


November 21, 2018

In ClimbTech BWA012N and BWA030N anchorage connectors manufactured before 2016, it has been found that, in rope access work where it is common for the D-ring to be rotated under body weight, the retaining nut may become loose over time. This possibility is accelerated when the swivel d-ring is not kept clean.

It is recommended that examination of this component be added to before use, and periodic inspections of any affected product still in service. Depending on frequency of use, it may be necessary to carry out periodic inspections more often. It is also recommended that a straight permanent mark be made across the swaged region and the exposed flat face of the retaining nut to determine its current alignment.

For all affected units still in service, the following steps shall be added to the inspection process:

1) Ensure that the exposed flat face of the retaining nut does not extend past the swaged region.

2) Inspect alignment mark to ensure retaining nut has not moved.

3) Ensure retaining nut is secured to the swaged region and does not rotate or wiggle.

If any of the above inspection criteria are not met, the anchorage connector should be removed from service immediately.

For any other questions or concerns, please contact ClimbTech customer service or your local supplier.

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